As we fly through the 21st century our reliance on electronics becomes more and more evident. If you only go back to the 70’s and 80’s the number of electrical items we had in our homes was significantly less than it was today.

Because of our increased use in electrical items it becomes more important than it ever has been to have a safe, reliable and energy efficient wiring system. In older properties the need for rewiring becomes a necessity and there are a few signs you should look out for that highlights this need in your house.

  1. Flickering lights. (No its not a ghost, your wiring is probably knackered!)
  2. Fuses getting burnt out
  3. Trip switches getting activated
  4. Dimming lights
  5. Short circuits

If your house is over 25 years old and has not been checked by a qualified electrician then we recommend this is done ASAP.

Here is a great resource on the process of rewiring an older property that is in need of an electrical MOT and makeover.

Of course we need to make a very important warning here!

Rewiring is not a job for an amateur sparky! 

Its one thing learning about the process but please do not attempt this without the guidance of a qualified professional.